Kids Ministry

Kids Ministry

The name of our kids ministry is called Uptown and the venue where our kids meet is also called Uptown. Our kids ministry vision is to make Jesus irresistible to kids.

Our model is simple:

Make Jesus irresistible to children by expecting God’s presence, have loads of fun, having memorable facilities and having a model that is sustainable.

Our model includes:

Engaging and partnering with parents

Volunteers who specialize

Engaging and discussion in small groups

Worship, storytelling and fun in large group

Facilitating of ministry

Kids expectant to experience church that is relevant, fun & life-changing

Kids inviting their friends

Age appropriate:

We provide ministry appropriate for the following age groups: 2-4 years, 5-7 years and 8-11 years. For moms with children less than 2 years we have a fully equipped moms room.

Our curriculum:

We use the Gospel Project for Kids curriculum. It is a 3-year journey through the entire Bible from beginning to end. It is Christ-centered and Christ comes through every single Bible story each and every week. It has application for today and strongly encourage parent partnership.


What does a fruitful kids ministry looks like:


happy and secure when they sign their children in

partner with the gospel message content each week with their kids

speak to their friends about it

volunteer on ministry teams

bring their children and friends regularly because they love it


respond to the gospel through salvation and spiritual maturity

bring their friends

ask their parents not to miss church

actively participate and share in ministry

look up to and respect their leaders


noticed, welcomed, celebrated and followed-up

return a second and third time


enjoy the ministry with the kids

invite their friends to help with the ministry

grow in their faith


We believe kids ministry is important because:

Jesus made it a priority

It has become a primary need among parents today

Young people more readily receive and are changed by the gospel

Our kids ministry values:

Jesus centered (constantly presenting the Gospel)

Holy Spirit present

Excellence in presentation

A ratio of kids to team members 8:1 (or close to)

Partnering (communicating, supporting, resourcing) with parents

Teams operating in their gifting

Communication in a way and style that kids understand

Healthy respect for one another and our rules of engagement