God is a generous Father who gave His Son, Jesus Christ. He is our provider as everything belongs to Him (Psalm 24). As God’s grace impacts our lives, we respond out of gratitude in the form of generosity. We get to be generous. God wants us to trust Him and His ways…


Jesus commended people for their tithing. A tithe is 10% of what we receive but it belongs to God and so we BRING this portion back to Him. We believe God can do more with the 90% that remains than we ever could with the 100%. We give 10% of our income to Jesus by giving it into a local church where we are spiritually fed and led by God ordained leadership. Jesus entrusts us to invest on His behalf as He builds His church. Tithes are used to ensure the work of ministry is able to CONTINUE. We encourage everyone to tithe in OBEDIENCE, in full, consistently and with a heart of gratitude. Use the reference “TITHE” as you make an EFT.


Jesus taught much about sowing and reaping which brings about multiplication. Offerings are about GIVINGand GENEROSITY and activates a Kingdom principle of wealth production and return on investment. The one who sows will reap! Offerings are over and above the tithe and are generally used for specific projects like buildings, equipment or specific resources for new ministry, for expansion and GROWTH. We encourage everyone to live generously in all aspects of life. Use the reference “OFFERING” as you make an EFT.


This is a specific form of offering where we give to those in need in our community. The Bible speaks about looking after widows, orphans and the poor. We can all be of practical assistance and support to those we know need help in our community. As a local church we also administrate a COMMUNITY FUND to help those in our community. Use the reference “COMMUNITY FUND” as you make an EFT. To see how you can give to those in need, see our Community Needs page.

Please use the banking details below to transfer your tithes, offerings or alms giving.

Nedbank Cheque Account: Connected Life Church
Account: 103 750 4879
Branch Code: 198765