Community Needs

There are two ways in which people can assist those in need in our community through this time.


If you would like to donate money toward helping those who are in need but you don’t know specific people who require assistance, then please feel free to EFT into the following account and use the REFERENCE “COMMUNITY FUND”. Donations will be administered by the Church elders and ensure those in need within our church community receive the appropriate assistance where available and possible.

Nedbank Cheque Account
Connected Life Church
Account number: 103 750 4879
Branch code: 198765


We encourage those within our community to assist those who they know require assistance in whatever way possible. This is a time where all of us as the church have the opportunity to live in community and to help those around us as we can. If however, you become aware of someone in our community who is beyond your ability to assist and they are not currently receiving assistance, then please email with their details and the Church elders will make decisions around how, what and when of releasing of assistance to those in need.